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Working with PST Capture
- Alexander Zammit Apr 17, 2012
We introduced the PST import tool Microsoft made available last January in Installing PST Capture. In the first part we looked at the installation requirements and walked through the installation of the Central Service and the Agent components. Today we take a look at the configuration options and walk through an import. Read more...
Installing PST Capture
- Alexander Zammit Mar 27, 2012
PSTs have troubled Administrators for many years. So Microsoft tools dealing with PST management are certain not to go unnoticed. Today we take a look at PST Capture, a tool that Microsoft acquired and is now making available for free. Read more...
Improved Mailbox Import/Export in Exchange 2010 SP1
- Kenneth Spiteri Aug 24, 2010
In this article we’ll look at the new import and export mailbox improvements in Exchange 2010 SP1. We look at what is required to carry out the process and walkthrough a mailbox import/export operation to/from a PST file. Read more...
Exchange 2010 Import-Mailbox and Export-Mailbox
- Alexander Zammit Mar 25, 2010
Exchange 2010 introduced significant changes in the usage requirements of the Import-Mailbox and Export-Mailbox cmdlets. If performing brick level backups, or migrating mailboxes with the help of PSTs, this article will get you started. Read more...
Import-Mailbox Problems with Outlook PSTs
- Alexander Zammit Apr 17, 2008
Some users are discovering that the import-mailbox cmdlet has problems with importing emails from an Outlook generated PST. Today we reproduce this problem and identify some stopgap solutions. Read more...
Replacing ExMerge by Import-Mailbox and Export-Mailbox
- Alexander Zammit Dec 19, 2007
For many years ExMerge provided for importing and exporting of mailboxes to/from PSTs. The Exchange 2007 SP1 cmdlets are now ready to take over the job bringing some improvements, but also disappointing in some areas. Read more...
Using ExMerge with Exchange 2007
- Alexander Zammit Jul 24, 2007
ExMerge does work with Exchange 2007. Even if your Organization is exclusively composed of Exchange 2007 boxes, ExMerge can be employed to import to and export from PSTs. Read more...
Extracting ExMerge Processing Results
- Alexander Zammit Dec 14, 2006
Batch processes often rely on ERRORLEVEL tests to determine whether a call completed execution successfully. However ExMerge does not expose its processing result in this manner. Today we bridge this gap. Read more...
Complete ExMerge Command-Line Control
- Alexander Zammit Aug 15, 2006
The command-line is the right interface to take full advantage of ExMerge. Here we combine it with ldifde.exe and exmergeini.exe to configure mailbox processing and facilitate batch process integration. Read more...
Meeting the ExMerge Requirements
- Alexander Zammit Jul 11, 2006
Getting ExMerge to run may involve a little journey. Firstly a number of installations are required to satisfy all dependencies. Next the user account must be assigned the necessary access rights. Read more...
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