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VIDEO - OWA Message Recalling

Alexander Zammit

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Up till recently, there was no direct way to recall messages from the Exchange 2007/2010 Outlook Web App. This gap is being filled by an add-on that brings the ‘Recall This Message’ functionality to the browser interface.

Message Recalling is one of those features that you only learn to appreciate the hard way. Most often, users look for it after committing their first email blunder. This is when they learn that message recalling never made it into OWA.

Indeed the standard message recalling procedure for OWA users is that of closing their browser, open Office Outlook, and invoke 'Recall This Message' from there. Of course this is not a viable solution to most OWA users, especially because very often OWA is employed when Outlook is unavailable.

Today's video shows how emails are recalled using WinDeveloper OWA Recall. In just 4 minutes the video goes through the download, the installation and the recalling of an email. Of course recalling is now done directly without leaving OWA.



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suresh 2 Apr 2015 19:59
in win 32 unable to install this
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