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Exchange 2013 Administration Center in Pictures (Part 3)

Alexander Zammit

Alexander Zammit Photo

A Software Development Consultant with over 20 years of experience. Many of his projects involved Exchange integrated applications, including a FAX server, a mail security product and anti-spam products.

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Today we conclude our Exchange 2013 Administration Center tour. Here we cover the categories Public Folders, Unified Messaging, Servers, and Hybrid. Highlighted changes include the relocation of Public Folders to the Mailbox Database store.

Servers | Databases

Under Databases we can create and edit mailbox databases.

Exchange 2013 | Servers | Databases

Exchange 2013 | Servers | Databases | General

Exchange 2013 | Servers | Databases | Maintenance

Exchange 2013 | Servers | Databases | Limits

Exchange 2013 | Servers | Databases | Client Settings


Servers | Database Availability Groups

Here we create Database Availability Groups:

Exchange 2013 | Servers | Database Availability Groups

Exchange 2013 | Servers | Database Availability Groups | New


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