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Exchange 2013 Administration Center in Pictures (Part 1)

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Exchange 2013 has a brand new administrative interface, the Exchange Administrative Center EAC. This replaces the Exchange Management Console with a web-based interface. Exchange can now be administered using the browser from any machine without having to install anything extra.



At the Permissions category we have the interface to manage RBAC and OWA access policies. These are organized under Admins Roles, User Roles and OWA Policies.

Here are the Admins Roles and User Roles tabs:

Exchange 2013 | Permisions | Admin Roles

Exchange 2013 | Permisions | User Roles

This is what the default OWA Policy looks like:

Exchange 2013 | Permisions | OWA Policies

Exchange 2013 | Permisions | OWA Policies | Features

Exchange 2013 | Permisions | OWA Policies | File Access

Exchange 2013 | Permisions | OWA Policies | Offline Access

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