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Working with PST Capture

Alexander Zammit

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We introduced the PST import tool Microsoft made available last January in Installing PST Capture. In the first part we looked at the installation requirements and walked through the installation of the Central Service and the Agent components. Today we take a look at the configuration options and walk through an import.

Discovering PSTs

Now that PST Capture is configured, we can kick off the PST discovery process.

  1. Click on New PST Search to open the Search wizard.

  1. In the first step we get the list of machines and the Agent detection flag. If missing any Agents, check if these are being blocked by some firewall.

New PST Search - Agent List

  1. Next we configure some settings to be applied by the Agents. Here we are identifying storage locations on the user machines to be included or excluded from the search.

New PST Search - Location

  1. In the next step we specify when the PST search is to be performed.

New PST Search - Schedule

  1. Completing this wizard the console interface creates a new page for this search. Note how the Win7_X64 machine status says Completed in the image that follows. If you are running PST Capture for the first time this will say 'Not Started' instead.

New Search Console

  1. Based on the General settings we saw earlier, the Agents will discover the new search just created. If the Search was scheduled to run later, we could wait for the Agents to do their job. Otherwise we hit Search All Now. This will populate the lower pane with the details of all discovered PSTs.

Discovered PSTs


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