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Exchange Server 2010 Native Data Protection - Part 1

Vladimir Meloski [MCSE, MCITP, MCT, MVP]

Vladimir Meloski [MCSE, MCITP, MCT, MVP] Photo

Vladimir Meloski is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Most Valuable Professional on Exchange Server. He is a consultant, providing unified communications and infrastructure solutions based on Exchange Server and System Center. Vladimir has been involved in Microsoft Conferences in Europe and US as a Speaker, Proctor for Hands on Labs and Expert.

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Exchange Server 2010 brings new features that allow companies to protect their emails without performing any backups. These features introduce the concept known as Exchange Native Data Protection, formerly known as Backup-less Exchange Organization.

Restoring an Email Item - Outlook 2010

Let's assume that we have deleted an email item from our mailbox, and also deleted the same item from the Deleted Items folder.

Log on to your computer with your username and password and start Microsoft Outlook 2010. Click on the Deleted Items folder to verify that the email item is not in this folder. Then click on the Recover Deleted Items button as shown below:

Openning Outlook 2010 Recover

The Recover Deleted Items window will appear. Click on the item you want to recover and then click on the Recover button.

Recovering Outlook 2010 Item

The email item is now located again in your Deleted Items folder. Move the item in the folder where you want it to be stored.

Recovered to Deleted Items Folder

Restoring an Email Item - OWA

Log on to Outlook Web App using your username and password. Click on Deleted Items folder to verify that the email item is not in this folder. Right click on the Deleted Items folder in your mailbox and then click on Recover Deleted Items.

Openning OWA Recover

Click on the item you want to recover and then click on the Recover button as in the picture below. You may also right-click the item and then choose Recover from the menu.

Recovering OWA Item

Choose the folder in which you want the recovered email item to be stored, and then click Recover, as on picture below.

OWA Recover to Folder

After you complete this procedure, your email item is back in the folder where you chose to locate it.


Email item retention can be employed to protect our data, since deleted items may be kept for a long time. Combining retention with a DAG of at least three members, a failure of the database drive or failure of any hardware component or server, triggers a failover. This activates the database copy on another DAG member, so the email data will not be lost.

There is still a question. What if an email item is accidentally or intentionally deleted from the Recoverable Items folder? Join us in Part 2 of Exchange Native Data Protection where we will describe how to address this issue using the new Exchange 2010 feature called Single Item Recovery.

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