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VIDEO - Integrating Foreign Spam Filters into Exchange

Alexander Zammit

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Software Development Consultant. Involved in the development of various Enterprise software solutions. Today focused on Blockchain and DLT technologies.

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Can foreign spam filters lacking Exchange Integration route spam to the Outlook Junk Folder? What about applying Outlook Safe Senders? If you are running SpamAssassin or any other filter that does not directly plug into Exchange, this article shows how integration is easy to achieve.

When it comes to anti-spam filters there certainly is no shortage of options. However Microsoft Exchange users require a good level of integration. If spam is not blocked immediately, users will want spam to be deposited to their Outlook Junk Folder. If Safe Senders are configured at Outlook, they will also want these to be applied. The requirement for Integration may thus shorten the list of possible solutions.

However dropping foreign spam filters is not always a desirable option. For one, many organizations run a non-Windows platform at the DMZ i.e. the place where email hygiene is run. These filters often lack Exchange integration. Others may be employing a Firewall Appliance, or filtering spam at some service provider on the internet.

No matter why you are running a foreign spam filter, this video shows how achieving Exchange Integration is easy. It shows how to do this for any of Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010.


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