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Video - Getting Started with the Exchange 2007 Content Filter

Alexander Zammit

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If starting to explore the Exchange 2007 anti-spam Content Filter, this 10 minute video will walk you through the salient configuration steps. The agenda includes installing the Content Filter, Configuring thresholds, and managing the Junk Email Folder.

WinDeveloper produced a condensed 10 minutes video ideal for those discovering the Exchange 2007 Content Filter functionality for the first time. It discusses all possible scenarios including SBS2008, Edge and Hub Transport setups.

The tutorial starts by making sure the Content Filter is installed. It then proceeds to configure the filter using the Exchange 2007 Management Console and the Shell. Following that it discusses the issues related to the Junk folder enablement at the user mailboxes. Unfortunately the Junk folder has inherited the same practical problems from its predecessor. Hopefully the video will help better understanding the issues involved.

The tutorial concludes with the installation of IMF Tune to extend the filter functionality. However most of the video is relevant to all Content Filter users, whether or not IMF Tune is employed.

Here is the video:


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