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Welcome to the Revamped ExchangeInbox

Alexander Zammit

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Software Development Consultant. Involved in the development of various Enterprise software solutions. Today focused on Blockchain and DLT technologies.

  • Published: Nov 27, 2007
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Welcome to the new! In the new site we tried to improve the esthetics and also to render it more interactive.

ExchangeInbox is nearly 3 years old. Since its February 2005 launch we published a good number of articles that are today serving as a good reference to the Exchange community. So it was high time for ExchangeInbox to be upgraded. Our goal was to have a better looking site, and more importantly, a more interactive one.

Under the hood, the site has undergone a complete restructuring. Amongst other things, this involved moving the articles from the old to the new system. We tried hard not to break anything but if you notice anything strange please do let us know.

Articles now support voting and comments. Cast your vote to let us know whether or not you liked an article. Was the article helpful? Is anything not clear? Do you think some relevant information is missing? Then please post a comment. Just click on the "Add New Comment" located at the end of the article and post your feedback.

In addition to the General, Security and Anti-Spam categories we now also have categories for ExMerge and Exchange 2007. For each category a separate RSS feed is also available. Thus you can choose to only receive updates for articles from a specific category. To receive all updates, subscribe to the feed at the topmost linkbar or sidebar. For category specific feeds, open the category from the sidebar and then subscribe to the feed whose link is next to the Category heading.

We now also have an Authors section. Here we have space for the profile and for the list of articles each author contributed. While we are at it, I would like to encourage more authors to write for ExchangeInbox. In the coming months we hope to engage more authors in order to better cover the various topics of interest to the Exchange Community. We will of course pay for the articles. So if you have something interesting to write, fill in the contact form and let us know.

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Stefan Engelbert 3 Dec 2007 09:09
Excellent website! Well done. Over the past years this site definetly became my favourite place for exchange information.
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