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WinDeveloper IMF Tune

Elie Bou Issa [BS. Computer Science, MCITP, MCTS, MCT]

Elie Bou Issa

Elie has more than six years of experience dealing with various facets of IT and handling a wide range of software solutions. These include Exchange/Active Directory and other Microsoft platforms, such as Windows Server, SCCM, and SCOM, among others.

Articles from Elie Bou Issa

Working with Exchange 2010 Calendar Repair
Category - General, Exchange 2010 | Mar 09, 2010
If you encountered calendar inconsistencies, with the new Calendar Repair Assistant you don’t need to worry any longer. Introduced in Exchange 2010, CRA fixes discrepancies between the meeting organizer and attendees. Read more...
Administrator Audit Logging in Exchange 2010
Category - General, Exchange 2010 | Feb 11, 2010
All Exchange 2010 administrative tasks are performed through the execution of cmdlets. This is true for both the Shell and the Console interfaces. Thus, auditing cmdlet execution allows us to record and track the administrative changes taking place within Exchange. Read more...
Disclaimers in Exchange 2010
Category - General, Exchange 2010 | Jan 21, 2010
In this article, we will see how disclaimer rules in Exchange 2007 will coexist with other disclaimer rules created in Exchange 2010. In addition enhanced disclaimers in Exchange 2010 give us the ability to add basic HTML code and Active Directory attributes. Read more...
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