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Video - Composing & Sending Mailshots in Office 365
- Alexander Zammit Dec 18, 2018
Here is a video walk-through for creating and submitting our first mailing. In this demo we create a new email template, connect it to our sales database and send out a follow-up email to our clients. Read more...
Video - Installing the Office 365 Mailer
- Alexander Zammit Dec 04, 2018
Office 365 users have a dedicated client for sending mailshots and newsletters. Here is a video showing you how to install the mailer and claim the free license. Read more...
Exchange 2016 CU 8 Install-AntiSpamAgents.ps1 NOT FIXED
- Alexander Zammit Jan 09, 2018
Last November I wrote about a problem in Exchange 2016 CU7 Install-AntiSpamAgents.ps1. Now that Exchange 2016 CU8 is available I tested the update to see if there was any progress. Read more...
Exchange 2016 CU 7, Install-AntiSpamAgents.ps1 Script Fails
- Alexander Zammit Nov 02, 2017
The latest Exchange 2016 Cumulative Update (CU7), is causing unnecessary trouble when installing the built-in anti-spam agents. Running Install-AntiSpamAgents.ps1 fails. Here are the details of this problem and how to avoid it. Read more...
A Great Free Tool for Sending Mailshots in Office 365
- Alexander Zammit Oct 24, 2017
How about an Office 365 tool that makes sending mailshots as intuitive as sending regular emails? We prepare an email template in a WYSIWYG editor, attach it to a database, test the mailing and submit it for delivery. All of this using a tool available for free. Read more...
SafeSenders, BlockedSenders and the Mystery of Misclassified Emails
- Alexander Zammit Sep 26, 2016
Outlook SafeSenders, BlockedSenders lists often catch administrators unprepared. Users have the power to directly configure how spam is filtered at the server. Luckily Exchange provides for managing these settings from the shell. Read more...
Creating an Outlook Profile in Exchange 2013
- Alexander Zammit Sep 15, 2015
Creating an Outlook Profile used to be a fairly trivial matter. However things got complicated with Exchange 2013. Today I document how I create Outlook profiles and overcome the error: Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action. Read more...
Exchange 2016 and the return of Exchange 2003
- Alexander Zammit May 12, 2015
Exchange 2016 is no longer providing multiple Exchange roles. Instead everything is packaged in a single server. Read more...
Exchange 2013 CU5 fixes SP1 Transport Agent Problems
- Alexander Zammit Jun 05, 2014
The Transport Agent problems caused by Exchange 2013 SP1 are now fixed in Cumulative Update 5. Read more...
Getting 3rd Party Applications to work with Exchange 2013 SP1
- Alexander Zammit Mar 12, 2014
The highly anticipated Exchange 2013 SP1 release has unfortunately caused many 3rd party Exchange add-ons to stop working. In some cases the same problem is also blocking the Exchange Transport service from starting! Luckily the solution is just one FixIt wizard away. Read more...
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